About Us


Based in Khon Kaen, The Isaan Record focuses on the social and political movements redefining the Northeast region, known as Isaan, and the country at large.

Today, the 21 million inhabitants of the poorest region of Thailand have political and social critiques of their own, but almost no voice in popular media. By reporting on the grassroots movements of the region, The Isaan Record offers more insight into the lives of those Northeasterners who are fighting for institutional change in Thailand. We deliver stories from Isaan in the earnest belief that a better-informed populace is the foundation of a healthy democracy.

The Isaan Record was founded in early 2011 by two Americans, Glenn and Lizzie. While living in Isaan, they noticed the dearth of information about the region in Bangkok-based and foreign publications. Glenn and Lizzie built this platform to report on the Northeast, and they have since helped develop the journalistic skills of a variety of writers, both Thai and foreign, to produce articles for the website. As a commitment to bring news to the people of the Northeast, most of the articles in The Isaan Record are translated into Thai as well. Since returning to the US in June of 2012, Glenn and Lizzie have remained as advisors to The Isaan Record. In September of 2013, an international editorial board was created to continue where Glenn and Lizzie left off.